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difference for LED Tube Lights and Fluorescent Tube Lights

difference for LED Tube Lights and Fluorescent Tube Lights

28 Aug 2019

If you are in LED Lighting industry, you need to tell the difference between LED tube lighting and  fluorescent lighting. This tubes themselves look similar, but there are big difference both of the two types of LED tubes. now let's go to see the inside look comparing the Kingjie LED Tube Lights with fluorescent tubes

1.LED Tube Lighting

Main Materials

kingjie light's LED Tube use aviation aluminum material, polycarbonate cover, and high-quality electrical components,  our LED T8 tube, LED T6 tube, LED T5 lights are designed with non-hazardous materials that are free from lead, mercury, and other toxic components, which makes this tube safe for everyone in the unlikely event that the LED tube should break.


kingjie light's LED Tube lightings last much longer than traditional fluorescent tubes. can endure over 50,000 hours of testing. This means an LED tube will pay for itself over time

Lighting Efficiency

kingjie light's LED T8 Tube Up to 181LM/W per watt used for projects with super high lux, warehouse,supermarket, exhibitation,shelves,etc , more energy saved, save a lot of light for such low wattage.

2.Fluorescent Tube Lighting


Tubular fluorescent lighting may be made of glass, mercury. Mercury is a very hazardous material and can be dangerous to everyone in the vicinity, should the fluorescent tube break. Since some fluorescent tubes are made of glass, easily breaking and the risk of exposure to mercury


Fluorescent tubes last about 10000-20000hours before a replacement is required but it absolutely depends on the ballast. If the ballast should fail, the fluorescent tube will fail as well.

light Efficiency

fluorescent tubes can only produce about 50-90 lm/w per watt.  but our kingjie light's 1200MM LED T8 Tube can up to 180LM/W This is because a lot of the energy that is produced is wasted because it is transformed into heat instead of light. LED tubes remain relatively cool, so the maximum amount of light can be produced, while there is little to no wasteful heat produced.

So,LED Tube Lighting is the best choice,because it lasts about 50,000 hours longer, is more energy efficient, will save you more money, and more protect environment.

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