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28 Mar 2019

LED tubes are often used with office lighting and warehouse applications and can be used in both indirect and parabolic light fixtures. They work well in areas that implement climate control and have standard heights for the ceiling, including storage areas, mechanic garages, and fabrication floors. Almost any LED tube is a great, energy efficient alternative to fluorescent tubes. They also feature improved color rendering (CRI), color tempeture is usually is 2700-6500K

LED tube lights color tempeture

LED Tube T5 T6 T8 T10 Installation Steps is also very important,Must install led tube lights according to the installation manual, otherwise will incur led tube drop and electric shock

Step1. Remove the fluorescent lamp.

Step2. Cut off all wires which connected to inductive ballast or electrical ballast.

Step3. Install LED tube into lighting fixture with below one(Type I or Type II) wiring method refer to  the label on the tube.

Step 4.Switch on power.

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