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China LED Tubes's market demand is growing

China LED Tubes's market demand is growing


Local governments in China continue to promote LED lighting to promote energy-saving, such as LED Tube Lights, LED Bulb, Batten linear led tube lighting. Due to lack of strong international sales these years, China-based LED lighting firms have been focusing on domestic demand. Market observers believe the penetration rate of LED tube and light bulbs will exceed 15% but price competition is likely to continue.

Local governments in China recently announced LED lighting subsidy programs. In Guangdong province, 1.1 million LED lamps are expected to be installed in 2018. Within the province, Jiangmen city plans to subsidize 20% of public lighting while Foshan city will subsidize 10% of total LED lighting construction costs.

Despite inconsistent quality, China's LED lighting market has been showing strong growth compared to other countries.

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