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Expanding Chinese LED Industry

Expanding Chinese LED Industry

The Chinese government views the growth of the LED industry as a national security matter. As a result, it is driving a vast LED manufacturing effort and offering subsidies from central and local government agencies to help build its own LED industry. In 2010, China embarked on an ambitious “Many Cities, Many Lights” program for streetlamp lighting to help its own Chinese LED industry. China has been in the LED bulb, LED Tube Lights, Slimline LED Batten business for more than a decade but has more recently concentrated its efforts to acquire LED growth and manufacturing know-how

Chinese local government agencies have anointed companies like Xiamen SanAn Photoelectric Co. and Electro-Tech International Co. Ltd., offering subsidies to purchase metal-oxide chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) technology, offering free land and other incentives for the establishment of Chinese LED factory

“The solid-state lighting market is an essential element of our growth strategy,” says Zhiyou Di, sensor vice president and general manager of AMEC’s MOCVD product business division.

China’s Chongquing Silian Optoelectronics & Technology Co. Ltd., an established supplier of materials, devices, and systems for the lighting industry, is partnering with Soitec, a European manufacturer of semiconductor materials, to jointly develop GaN template wafers using Silian’s sapphire substrate and Soitec’s HVPE technology. The aim is to validate the manufacturability and commercialization of GaN-based LEDs, which are viewed as the next step in LED development.
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