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gain success for 2019 Light Middle East Exhibition

gain success for 2019 Light Middle East Exhibition


Glad to congratulate Kingjie gain a good effection on 2019 Light Middle East Exhibition on 2019/10/15- 10/17. 

Thanks for friendship Middle East customers

DuringExhibition. our hot sale newest 3 color temperature adjustable Slimline LED Tube are speically welcome  these slimline led tube are widely used in factories, supermarkets,school, offices and other public places etc.  have 3 color temperature adjustable and sensor function, fast installation. save a lot of labor cost and maintance cost for customers


And our super lumen LED Tube also is welcome.  with better price, good quality, packages and technological support, Chinese led tube lighting factory are expected to see a growth in sales and acquire higher subsidy. we see a brighter future in led industry

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