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High Quality Goods Will Win the Future LED Market

High Quality Goods Will Win the Future LED Market


Serious low-end products overcapacity
The entire lighting industry scale in China is nearly 300 billion yuan last year ,and it will increase to 300 billion - 400 billion yuan, and the demand of future LED production and market will be higher. The demand of market has come into the recovery this year after a short time business depression. Most LED light supplier’ sales are in a good condition in the first two quarters of this year, and there is a growing tendency for its development, many enterprises think of the LED market with promising prospects and make the plan of expansion. Despite the market situation is good, and the excess capacity problem still keeps. LED industry with low entry at present, the high subsidies and preferential tax policy of government, make a large number of enterprises to enter, which result in serious low-end products overcapacity.

LED enterprises in China more than 7000
One insider said, the reason of excess capacity of LED products is mainly due to much too enterprises. Domestic LED companies registered as many as more than 7000, with some small workshops, the LED enterprises is numerous.
The existence of medium-sized enterprises and small workshops makes the serious problem of low-end products overcapacity, even causes the malignant price competition. With the lower prices of LED products, the quality of them is lower accordingly. Because of the enterprises themselves don’t approve the value of the products, and only the value of LED products is approved by enterprises and consumers, the prices will be accepted. And the biggest problem is to win the market by low prices.

The future market of LED Tube lighting will be fine and quality is more and more better,

The future market of LED belongs to the enterprises which with brand, scale, channel, product innovation. LED is a light sources technology revolution, in the next eight years the industrial lighting products in China will have 80% was replaced by LED products, lighting products replacement period has come. At the same time, there will be 30% to 70% small and medium-sized enterprises will be eliminated by the market. and the size will be bigger, so that the profits will be more.

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