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Labor Shortage Directly Affects the LED Tube Industry

Labor Shortage Directly Affects the LED Tube Industry


Some LED tube manufacturers have even raised their salaries in order to attract more employees, but the results have not been as desired with companies still experiencing a huge lack in personnel. Workers are now taking more than just high wages into consideration when choosing new jobs. Working conditions and leisure time are also important factors for workers nowadays. As official report said that only 85 percent of the company’s positions are currently filled which are mainly in portable charger and solar charger production.

Although there was a labor shortage of 15 percent, it did not have a large impact on the company as the vacancies were mainly in lower paying positions such as general workers and warehouse teams for the LED tube light and LED light production. also pointed out that one leading cause of the labor shortage was due to job opportunities available in other areas of the country. At the end of the Chinese New Year holiday, many workers did not return to their original companies.

Many companies in the LED industry could only fill 50% of the vacancies, which heavily affected the portable charger and solar charger production. According to a survey conducted by the Guangzhou government, the providence would see a peak labor shortage of 1 million to 1.2 million.

China LED tube manufacturer is finding it hard to recruit enough staff for its LED light production. Most industries in China are in a similar situation, especially in the high-tech industry. After the holidays, labor shortages swept through China’s two major economic regions, namely the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta regions. Most companies now are only able to fill their administrative posts while general worker positions are still in great demand.

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