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LED Maker Sees Brighter Future in China

LED Maker Sees Brighter Future in China


Due to China’s strong policy support and huge market, Chinese LED market has always been a major focus of the industry. Recently China’s annual solid-state lighting product subsidy bidding process results have been announced. According to LED inside, the LED research division of TrendForce, the winning bidders’ product cost and price are much lower than those of the last bidding process, which indicates Chinese LED lighting products  are improving. In the future, it will be inevitable for foreign firms to face challenges from Chinese companies.

As for luminous efficacy, luminous flux of bid winner’s LED Tube lamps and T8 led tube lights were on a high level. The requested standards were 45000lm, and the luminous efficacy of all the bid winner’s products has reached the 75lm/W, with the average luminous efficacy hitting around 90lm/W. As for average luminous efficacy, those winning luminaire efficacies all reached above 100lm/W – Philips (China) 121W lighting fixture had a luminous efficacy of 115lm/W, the highest in the world.Product Efficiency Improving, Business Opportunities for China and Taiwan Firms Emerging

With better price-performance ratio, Chinese led lighting companies are expected to see a growth in sales and acquire higher subsidy, which will stimulate the midstream and upstream sectors of Chinese LED industry. Taiwanese may benefit from it through offering China with wafers, packages and technological support. However, Taiwanese companies will face increasing pressure in the long run.

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