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Lighting’s Role in Quality of Life

Lighting’s Role in Quality of Life


LED Tube lights used in offices, warehouses, and other work spaces play a huge role in the mood, productivity, and efficiency of employees. As such, it’s worthwhile for employers to look into lighting options that maximize visibility while reducing stress and iion.

Replacing outdated fluorescent lighting in office spaces and metal halide/high-pressure sodium lighting in warehouses and outdoor workspaces with modern light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs can help employees avoid eye strain and headaches while improving overall mood. Selecting appropriate brightness for a given space may also make a huge difference.

LED lighting also promises safer environments, as LED’s do not require time to warm up and brighten, nor do they flicker while lit. This means employees have a constant, reliable light source to help guarantee efficiency and safety during the workday. Wireless control options and sensor connectivity will also ensure that every employee has appropriate lighting at all times.

Perhaps most importantly, LED lighting also reduces energy consumption by up to 80%, which benefits users and the environment. This level of energy reduction means massive cost savings, which decreases overhead for employers seeking increased revenue.

Ready to Replace

LED lighting options are available that can easily retrofit or replace fluorescent, metal halide, and high-pressure sodium lighting both indoors and outdoors. OEO offers direct replacement options, retrofit options, and new fixtures for industrial, office, and outdoor applications that promise massive improvements in health, safety, and cost-savings.

Replacing your current lighting can be as simple as changing a bulb in order to save 80% on lighting costs. In addition, this easy adjustment can make your workforce happier, healthier, and more efficient on a daily basis.

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