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Outlook of LED Lighting Is Still Strong

Outlook of LED Lighting Is Still Strong


According to the related data, there are more than 4000 domestic manufacturer engaged in LED industry, and the industry is in a structural imbalance stage at present. The whole LED output of Chinese mainland, but the downstream terminal application accounted for the most about 77.2%, and the upstream of the LED chip output is only 7.2 billion yuan, accounting for 3.5%. The phenomenon leads the traditional sales agents confused when facing the low-end products and high-end products. However, the market of LED is improving in 2019, specially market of intelligent Mircorwave sensor LED T8 Tube and PIR sensor led tube light is improving.

In addition to domestic market, overseas demand growth is also very strong. From the data of export LED lighting products, overseas leading companies’ revenue growth and the orders from domestic company, etc, which positive overseas LED lighting and intelligent sensor led lights market demand obviously and the situation is good for the large export enterprises.

But, with some governments announced the abolition of the LED industry planning, domestic commercial banks to limit credit to overcapacity enterprises measures, national has determined to control LED industry. In terms of general lighting area, LED lighting industry also will appear a outbreak period, its energy saving, durable characteristics will be affected by individual users, LED general lighting will get rid of the shackle of landscape engineering. From the industrial growth trend, LED Batten luminaires development rate could reach more than 100%, even higher. Growth is the result of the combination effect of incremental market and stock market.

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