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What's Ballast Compatible LED Tube Light

What's Ballast Compatible LED Tube Light


As we learn the benefits of LED lighting, there seems to always be the same question: should one retrofit the lamps using existing ballasts , or remove the ballasts and direct wire the LEDs?

initially to upgrade from fluorescent tubes, one would remove the old lamps and their ballasts; direct wire drivers instead of ballasts; and then connect the LED tubes to these external drivers. In order to save labor cost,manufacturers developed compatible ballast LED tube that could work directly with the ballast, no need to remove ballast,no need rewire. just install one compatible ballast led tube can work

Directly replace T8 Ballast Compatible LED Tube those that work with ballasts are much easier to set up because there's no need to remove the ballast. Simply remove the old fluorescent lights and replace them, However, at some point that ballast is likely to fail, probably long before the LED light would. And so, there is no time and cost involved in replacing that ballast is needed to replace ballast and rewire.

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