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Why Do We Need to Choose LED Tube Lights from professional LED Light Supplier

Why Do We Need to Choose LED Tube Lights from professional LED Light Supplier


Today energy-saving LED lighting, such as LED Tube lights, batten linear LED Tube, LED Bulb,LED panel light, are used at the families, shopping malls, hotels and other places. The use of the halogen lamps is not in minority. Now, let us take the examples with common fluorescent lamp and energy-saving LED lamp, and get to know the LED lighting energy conservation and emission reduction effect.

Under the condition of the same brightness, 40 w incandescent 25 hours 1 KWH, 20 w common energy-saving lamps 50 hours 1 KWH, but 5.5 WLED 181 hours cost only 1 KWH. That is to say, compared with incandescent lamp and the LED T8 Tube, LED bulbs, LED Tube T8 is more efficient 80%, and converted to the "earth hour" activities, which can allow earth to rest for eight hours. Suppose two stores need to install 500 fluorescent lights, in the case of the same brightness, using 18 w led 40 w fluorescent lamp and traditional fluorescent lamp differently.

In terms of working 12 hours a day, after a year, the mall which use LED fluorescent lamp has a  consumption for 39420 degrees, and the use of traditional fluorescent lamp store with a consumption of 98550 degrees, there is 2.5 times higher power consumption we can get which  consumed the earth’s limited resources to some extension.
From the above analysis, we learned that the great advantages about using LED Lamp, so it is very important to buy LED Tube Lighting from LED tube light manufacturer.
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